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Chinese Iron Balls

Chinese Iron Balls originated in Baoding, China.  Baoding, China is said to have three treasures.  The first is the iron ball, the second is a sauce made from fermented flour, and the third is potherb mustard.  These treasures have been passed down through the generations for over 300 hundred years.

The iron balls were used as a therapy exercise.  A pair of balls are held in your hand and rotated in circles around each other.  As you rotate, your fingers get a work out and your dexterity improves.  It takes a lot of practice to be able to rotate the balls in both directions.  Usually it is easy to rotate a pair clockwise, but takes skill to rotate counterclockwise. 

The reason the iron balls are good for therapy besides the physical exercise, is that the Chinese believed the iron balls pressed on certain acupuncture points on the hands.  This action enhanced the flow of a persons chi energy which promoted good health and long life.

Today they are still used by tai chi classes, physical therapists, musicians, stressed out people,  and people with carpal tunnel syndrome just to name a few.  Since they have so many applications, they go by many names such as chinese stress balls, health balls, exercise balls, tai chi balls, and baoding balls

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